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1.100 +

Over the past 4 years

 At EFF23 edition attended 220 participants on site

200 +

Over the past 4 years


Authorities and European financial industry’s professionals


To be addressed by

sustainable investments


European regulatory framework, technical analysis and best practices

#EFF24 Event Partner: Quintet Luxembourg

MARCH 19th,
12.30 - 20.00


Welcome to the EFPA Finance Forum !

EFPA Luxembourg ASBL is pleased to announce the EFF24. The event will take place on March 19th at the Chamber of Commerce – Luxembourg.


On this occasion, this event will become the EFPA Finance Forum with always the same objective - to raise awareness of new and best practices in the financial markets – and the same DNA – to promote the philanthropy and the non-for-profit world.


EFPA Luxembourg ASBL  hope this new organization will be the occasion to enrich this legacy with new expertise and to open it to new partners.

The focus this year will be set on financial industries (funds, banking and insurance). Attendees will get a full insight of the newest trends in the business.

See the EFPA Finance Forum 2024 Agenda.

Why should you be at EFPA Finance Forum 2024?

  • Increase your knowledge: get to know the latest local and International regulatory framework from legal experts. 

  • Enhance networking: benefit from the only event in Luxembourg gathering both supervisory authorities and business core industries’ key-players. 

  • Share your expertise:  being a technical analysis or pragmatic examples, EFF23 gives professionals the opportunity to share best practices concerning sustainable finance. 

  • Join a community: be part of the experts who wish to advance awareness by sharing their experiences

Take a look back at this conference in an article in the May issue of AGEFI!
Relive the rich and varied content of the panels led by top-quality professionals.

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EFF24 the Luxembourg reference conference on sustainable finance

On March 19th, at the Chambre de Commerce in Luxembourg, discussions and debates will be focused on "How Sustainable Finance is driving innovation in the financial industry".

The focus of this year's edition is to review the impact of the Sustainable Finance on the financial industry. How it has generated innovation and impacted financial market players like asset managers, banks, insurance companies and the fund industry.
Dedicated sessions to the research plans of different institutions and their potential impact on the way we invest will bring new and fresh discussions.
In the new impetus given by the EFF, new speakers will join us to share their points of view and give us new elements on best practices they see at an international level.

EFF24 distinguishes as a unique opportunity to get to know the major regulatory updates, legal framework and best practices examples from Luxembourg and International top players.
EFF23 was a successful edition with more than 220 representatives from banks, investment funds, asset management companies, insurance companies, law firms but also from European institutions.
"Faced with the challenge of climate change and since March 2021, new standards have come into force to better structure sustainable finance and avoid green washing," says Patrick Levaldaur, CEO of EFPA Luxembourg ASBL. "This new framework has brought its share of changes, generating questions but also opportunities. Many concepts are still evolving in order to better understand today's issues and respond to tomorrow's problems. More than ever, the financial centre is part of a changing world. New trends, new indicators, new financial and extra-financial investment processes, new client's demands, leave the homo-financialus with no other choice than to constantly learn about the best market practices so as not to miss the train of sustainable finance.
We hope that this one day conference centrered on ESG issues, best practices and challenges will help the attendees to better develop and select SDG aligned investments."

EFPA Finance Forum will convene public and private actors and discuss on how the local and international community can foster a collective shift towards alignment of social, sustainable finance and the circular economy will change the post-pandemic asset management and insurance industries.

As an event organized by EFPA Luxembourg, the EFF24 will offer CPD points to the EFPA certificate holders. 2 CPD points will be offered  will be offered for the afternoon session. A certificate of attendance will be provided to participants after the event.

EFPA Finance Forum 2024
Chamber of Commerce

7, Rue Alcide de Gasperi, Luxembourg Kirchberg



19 mars 2024, 12:30 – 20:00
7 Rue Alcide de Gasperi, 1468 Kirchberg Luxembourg

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